Just Five Minutes a Day Will Keep You
Young and Pain Free for a Lifetime!

Hello! I'm Will Green, founder and CEO of the IMA Group Inc., an association of massage professionals with 70,000 members.

I've been committed to helping people be vital and pain free for as long as I can remember.

I've studied both Ju Jit Su and Tae Kwon Do, taught Pilates, and given well over 30,000 Canadian Deep Muscle massages. Because of my education and experience, I knew that the most important things in life were simple and easy to implement. I also knew that in the world of wellness, the secret was in the spine!


The secret is in the spine!

Think about it! When you see elderly people, they are frequently bent over and barely moving, often in pain. No one wants to age this way, and you don't have to! You can remain active, vital, and pain-free as long as you live.

For over twenty years on hundreds of my clients, I tested the theories and techniques that later became The Green Technique' -- an amazingly effective and simple system for a pain-free youthful body that makes the spine long and strong. There's your secret! You want your spine long and strong.

One of my favorite clients was 95 and she grew 4 inches in height because we got rid her bent frame, and she looked 30 years younger in just a few weeks. We actually created a video training with her as our model and produced two years of instruction!

You never have to worry about
'shrinking' as you get older!

The Green TechniqueLet me tell you about the spine. The spinal column consists of bony structures called vertebrae, each separated by a space. Within each of these spaces are not only the cushiony discs which act as shock absorbers but five small muscles called the inter-vertebral muscles. These muscles can be trained to extend and lengthen the spine by one inch or more.

Here's how. There are 25 of these spaces between the vertebrae in your back. When each of these spaces is increased by 1/25th of an inch, the spine becomes one inch longer, and you become one inch taller. With The Green Technique I have seen as much as 4 inches of height increase, but the average is 1 to 2 inches.


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Say goodbye to back pain, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, and chronic pain.

Within the spinal column lie all the nerves that send and coordinate messages between the brain and all the parts of the body. These nerves that run throughout the body exit from the spinal column between the vertebrae. When repetitive actions, injuries, or gravity compress the spine, these nerves cannot transmit impulses as they should and the body suffers.

The trick is to increase the space between the vertebrae and take the pressure off the nerve. Then the nerves react optimally, just as they did when you were young! Gone are neural inflammations; gone are pains throughout the body!

Just 5 minutes a day!

There is nothing like this. I've taken the best of all I know and distilled it down to a system that can be done by anyone, regardless of your age or the condition you're in.

The changes are phenomenal!

The Green Technique' can


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My Clients Love It! No More Pain!

M Abraham, CA:

    "Being a candidate for carpal tunnel surgery, I found a secret that the orthopedic surgeons wouldn't want you to know: The Green Technique'! It helped me manage and overcome the excruciating pain I was experiencing and by continuing to use a few of the basic techniques I learned, the pain has not reoccurred!"

L Kline, VA

    "I have some degeneration between the 5th & 6th and 6th & 7th vertebrae in the neck. I was seeing a doctor. He released me yesterday because the neck seems much improved, and I have no more pain. He had given me the home traction kit, but I didn't use it. I only used The Green Technique'. I really appreciate it!"

N Barry, VA

    "Will Green took me through the techniques and within ten minutes I started to have relief. I didn't know that my body could be pain free! I didn't know that that was a possibility! I was hooked! What I wasn't aware of was how short I was getting in both breathing and actual height. You don't realize it until you start to feel the lengthening and reaching part. My favorite part is when I can feel my muscles beginning to elongate. That's exciting! It's working! I realized I didn't have to fight to do theses techniques. I'm usually someone who has to push through everything. I do these two or three times a day -- it's easy! That's what I enjoy."

T Jones, OH

    'My name is Timothy Jones with Master Martial Arts Instruction. I'm an eighth degree black belt in seven different martial arts. I hold a PhD, and I believe the learning never ends. I heard about a seminar being offered on the East Coast on the Green Technique'. I didn't have a clear vision about what I was going to learn. During the seminar I about fell off of my chair, and the person I was with asked me what was wrong. I said, "Well, nothing is wrong. I think I am out of pain!" Since then I have been teaching The Green Technique' and I have made a drastic improvement and difference in everyone's life that has come to me.'

2-part DVD brings youth to the spine
and frees the body of pain!

In the first part of the The Green Technique' DVD, I'll take 45 minutes and walk you through each step of the system explaining the principles and how they work. You will learn about intent, how to breathe to enhance movement, and how even the smallest muscle can be strengthened and lengthened.

I will teach you the techniques carefully and thoroughly. They are simple and small, but what a difference they can make! Your spine will feel freer; your body, more spacious. And be on the lookout ' your pains can start to go away all in the first introductory instruction session! I've seen it many times!

The second part of The Green Technique' DVD is the follow-along session. You use it until you no longer need it. Until your body has memorized the steps, until your body has retrained itself to know and desire the New You. By then you'll be doing The Green Technique' on your own at anytime, anywhere.

The 5 minute difference!

Many people use The Green Technique' first thing in the morning before they get out of bed. Just throw aside your pillow and use the steps to elongate your spine and maintain that feeling of youth and vitality. It will only take you about five minutes.

Use the techniques whenever your body is compressed ' like during a long airline flight, traveling in the car, or at the computer. Just the knowledge and use of these simple movements can make the difference between a constricted, bent over body and a pain-free body that stands tall.


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Learn all that I have gathered over twenty years in discovering the secrets to a youthful pain-free body. Learn a simple but amazingly effective system anyone can do. With the minimum of time. With the minimum of effort. Just 5 minutes a day, and soon you'll have others asking 'What is your secret'?

For only $89.95 (+ $7 shipping and handling), this secret can be yours. The secret that can keep you young and pain-free for a lifetime!

Try The Green Technique and chances are you'll be able to throw away those prescriptions for pain relievers, cancel carpal tunnel surgeries, straighten any postural defects, stand taller, and have more energy. Learn to lengthen your spine and lengthen your life now!

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Order The Green Technique' and receive FREE my Massage Like a Pro video ($89.95 value). In this 47-minute professional video you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to give a really great massage and learn how to relieve the stress of your loved ones.



P.S. Interested in becoming a Certified Trainer?

I have worked with thousands of clients and taught many students . They, in turn, have incorporated this technique into their centers across the country with the largest having 9 centers in Ohio and Illinois. If you would like to become a Certified Trainer, I will be teaching classes in Warrenton VA ($1,000). Scheduled classes will be added to this website in the near future. Come join us!



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